Sunday, February 20, 2011

Re-birth of this Blog!!!

Dear World,

I cant believe that this baby, which I abandoned in 2006, did not die! It's pulled a baby Moses on me. OMG, the wonders of the internet!! Well, mommy's back!

Ladies and gentlemen, my blog is back and here to stay... so, all that writing I've been doing over the years thats not on the blog.. I guess there is no need to relocate it here. This pot deserves new stuff... Please feel free to leave your comments to make it alive!



chane said...

Hi Jackie, am more than happy to visit ur blog. i must say, i all along missed ur lovely writings. It's all good now that u have resurrected the blog, i know i will at least there will be some thing for me read about from.Sorry i must have said so much things , but just keep up the work coz am proud of u for it. Stay well.

Ky said...

yay! can't wait!!

Jackline Amaguru Olanya said...

Thanks Cliff for the encouragement...